Contact & Workflow Management System
Website Content Management & Publishing System
Sex Offender Risk Assessment Framework
Credentialing Management System
Online Assessment Management (LSI, ASUS)

Welcome to Cyzap

At Cyzap, we believe all companies are unique. And unique companies need unique solutions. We design by listening - not just to our clients' challenges, but to their goals and vision as well. We give our clients tailored solutions for the way they work. Solutions that make sense.

Using our four key strengths - Web solutions, IT Consulting, Networking/Security and Hosting - Cyzap designs innovative and robust information technology solutions. We put powerful and proven technology to work for our clients. That means they work smarter. More efficiently. And that means success - from day one.

Sex Offender Risk Assessment Framework
  • Easy to Learn. Quick to Deploy.
  • Separates the structure and layout from the content.
  • Automatically generates the navigation menus.
  • Maintains brand consistency.
  • >>MORE

A Unified Credentialing Management System
  • Customizable credentialing database
  • Continuing education tracking
  • Exam Registrations
  • Online Applications
  • Real-time Payments
  • Communication Logging
  • Helps meet NCCA Standards
  • >>MORE

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