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SportsTurf Managers Association
Dear Gunnit:

I am taking this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance on the new Membership Management System for the Sports Turf Managers Association. Your help in determining our needs has been invaluable.

As you originally stated, the most important first step was to go through the process of the Work Flow Analysis. The meetings between your staff and our staff were conducted in the most professional manner. It was imperative that everyone on our staff that would, in any way, use the new system provide input into what was needed or desired in a new system. You, Raman, and Guru made sure that all thoughts were entertained. Your proposal was very easy to read and understand. It gave us the options to consider in selecting a system.

We received proposals from a number of companies and felt that you had, by far, the best handle on our needs. While there were systems that would cost more or less than your proposal, we are convinced that the Cyzap plan was the only one that would give us all we needed, be flexible for growth and expansion, and was fairly priced. Once our Board was convinced of the need of a new system their choice on whom to work with was easy. Not one person felt that any further consideration should be given to any of the competing proposals.

Since you were given the go-ahead to proceed on the development of our system your response and dealings with the staff have continued to be above expectations.

We look forward to the successful, timely completion to this project. We are all excited by the realization that our handling of the membership information is about to become extremely easy to deal with which will enable us to provide much better service to our members.

Steven Trusty
Executive Director

Physicians Mutual Insurance Company

I have been very pleased with the work that has been done by your company in upgrading the High Volume Word Processing System. The thoroughness and quality of the work plan and work performed ensured a smooth transition, on schedule and within budget.

Everyone my staff and I interacted with was courteous, professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend your company to anyone in need of your services.

Cindi Chrisitansen
Manager, WPC
Business Information Systems

Complete Music
To Whom It May Concern:

Complete Music Corporate, located in Omaha, NE is the largest DJ Service in North America. We have retained the services of Cyzap for over 3 years. Initially, Cyzap arranged and installed wireless High Speed Internet services for our entire facility. Shortly after the success we had with our Internet services, Cyzap began the long and arduous process of designing, developing and initiating full web services to most of our 160 franchises in the continental U.S.

They created a web site that has proven to be unmatched in our industry. Customers and business alike have been impressed by the look and design of the site as well as the ease of navigation within the site. Using the Internet as a medium Complete Music has positioned itself as the leader in E-Business for the service industry. The skill of their people, coupled with outstanding service; Cyzap has played a vital role in the growth and stability of Complete Music.

Within the last two years we have continued to grow our relationship with Cyzap with the addition of high end security implementation of our information and connnections nation wide. Raman's history and expertise with security related concerns, was a major factor in our confidence in using Cyzap as our only source of computer and internet related services. Raman has taken tremendous steps to ensure the stability and reliability of our systems and information. This has helped us develop credibility with our customers as well as our franchises around the country.

The latest endeavor has been the transformation of our information from individual workstations to one central server. This change is giving us securtiy at a whole new level, mobility of information, credibility with franchises and customers, more information, better information and more accurate information. This project which Cyzap successfully completed, installed, and currently sustains had been previously attempted by three different computer companies with nothing other than road blocks and excuses. Cyzap's broad stroke of expertise is a clear separating point between them and their competition. We are paid the be particular and extraordinary at servicing our clients. Cyzap has helped us become a more extraordinary company.

With all of the success we have had with Cyzap, our greatest comfort lies with the experiences we have had with people. We are an intense, complex, ever changing business that needs to work with people that can share our vision. Raman, Gunnit, Ashu, Dave and the rest of the staff at Cyzap are the type of people who can adapt to change, listen to criticism, grown their expertise and handle a myriad of questions while keeping a positive outlook on the relationship.

Cyzap has been one of the best business decisions we have made. It is rare to have their mixture of expertise, service and business sense in the IT world. We will continue to use Cyzap exclusively for all of our IT and E-Business needs.

Dan Yaksich
Complete Music
Omaha Owner/Corporate Operations Manager

J. J. Palmtag Inc.
Dear Mr. Khurana & Staff::

I write this letter to thank you for helping our firm redesign our site with the most up-to-date technology and most importantly for creating a system that allows us single-entry information for multi-level applications.

The time savings is considerable and has definitely saved us money and simplified data processing in our office. Our customers as well appreciate the easy maneuverability and organized information on our site.

We look forward to working with you for many more years. We extend our sincere thanks to you and your staff.

J. J. Palmtag

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