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06/05/05     Garden Lane Accents launches its online storefront
In 2005, start-up company, Garden Lane Accents (GLA) chose to broaden their customer base by developing a website. The secret to their planned strategy for success: leveraging Cyzap’s business website program to develop and service new markets.

According to owners, Jerry and Linda Primm, Cyzap's technologies enables GLA to find new buyers for their growing inventory. GLA is no longer just a manufacturer of flower carts, wine carts, ornamental wheelbarrows and wooden planter boxes. They now deal in unique items for the garden, deck and home. With the discerning customer in mind, they stock items from all over the world. These products include but not limited to, bird and butterfly feeders, watering cans, brass garden signs and planter boxes.

Garden Lane Accents is committed to providing top quality products as their primary lines along with economical lines to obtain a wider customer base. According to owner Jerry Primm, “Cyzap has enabled us to create a website that is colorful, descriptive and content driven. We are able to modify product offerings on our own timeline without needing to be a computer techie. This allows us to do what we do best, concentrate on new product offerings and customer service. The site is user friendly for our customers to navigate and place orders”.

Cyzap continues to provide “on the spot” technical assistance and response to questions and website enhancements. This allows Garden Lane Accents a proficient and seamless connection between customer base development and product sales.

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02/20/05     Banquet Business Blissful - zapSite™ Serves Up Simplicity
DCCentre's Home Page
An Omaha-based service business sought a simple way to instantly update website content, like an events calendar. Software innovator Cyzap reached into its portfolio - unveiling zapSite™.

With this tool, non-techie types can edit & publish content, organize and manage images, documents, and links. It's a time & money-saver for Pam Christianson, Chief Financial Officer, of the DC Centre , a banquet services & ballroom instruction facility.

03/04/03     Cyzap Client shown on Dateline
On February 25th Dateline posted a KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® yard sign on the screen as a preface to an in-depth story on speeding in residential neighborhoods. That, along with a link from the Dateline web site (Link 1, Link 2) to our client, Keep Kids Alive Drive 25®, that sent more visitors to the site in 24 hours than usually visit in a month or more.

Tom Everson, founder of Keep Kids Alive Drive 25®, reported that the organization added new contacts in over 70 communities, stretching from Florida to Alaska, from New Hampshire to California, from Texas to Minnesota. In short, from all over! Concern for speeding in residential neighborhoods is universal — from grandparents concerned about small children to parents who have been victimized themselves through the death of a child at the hands of speeding drivers.

10/15/02     Cyzap develops online appointment scheduling system for Omaha Police Department
Beginning Tuesday, October 15th, 2002 The Omaha Police Department will launch "On-Line Appointment Scheduling" on the Omaha Police Department Web Site. The goal of this initiative is to use staffing and tax dollars in a more effective and efficient manner.

Intended to provide faster service, this capability will allow people to go on-line to schedule appointments for certain business within the Omaha Police Department. Appointments may be made for handgun registrations, fingerprinting and taxi cab permits. Also, a person with an appointment will receive priority status over walk-ins at Omaha Police Headquarters.

"Because our on-line accident report system created by Cyzap was so successful, we decided to further expand the capabilities of our web site" states Lt. Jim Cisar, commander of the Omaha Police Customer Services Unit.

10/01/02     Investors Realty announces its new site developed by Cyzap
Investors Realty has helped its clients buy, sell, lease, manage, and invest in commercial real estate throughout the Omaha area since 1975. It wanted a website that would reflect all key aspects of the company with the same professionalism and integrity that was evident from its other marketing strategies. It put Cyzap to the challenge and the rest was history. Judge for yourself.

09/05/02     E-Commerce website for Beksal R.I.M. successfully completed
Beksal R.I.M., Inc. is a supplier of custom Reaction Injection Molded (R.I.M.) parts for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) industry. It also has a line of hunting decoys and decorative decoy planters called "A Touch of Nature". Explore their site and browse the many different styles of decoys, decoy planters and floral arrangements.

The site uses Cyzap's design services and its zapCatalog and zapCart web applications.

07/13/02     Omaha Police Department successfully takes its first step towards E-Commerce
Cyzap helped Omaha Police Department (OPD) become an E-Commerce pioneer among all the police departments in the nation by allowing OPD's customers to request and pay for accident reports online.

Before the launch of this service, anyone wanting an accident report had to physically go to OPD's headquarters to pay for the report. Now, customers can easily request a report online, securely pay using a credit card, and receive their report via email, fax, or postal mail without ever leaving their office or home.

Cyzap worked closely with OPD's staff to analyze their requirements and completed the entire project within 30 days with the help of its versatile zapCart E-Commerce application.

07/30/01     Cyzap welcomes J.J. Palmtag Inc.
Cyzap is pleased to welcome J.J. Palmtag Inc. of Nebraska City, Nebraska as a new client. Cyzap completed a Network Security evaluation and deployed a Cisco Pix firewall solution to secure the client's corporate network from unauthorized access.

J.J. Palmtag will enhance its network security portfolio by deploying VPN servers that will allow co-workers and partner organizations to make secure connections to the corporate network via the Internet.

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