11/01/02     Cyzap to Launch zapCertify - a comprehensive Web-based Credential Information Management System

Cyzap will officially launch its latest Web-based Business Solutions product, zapCertify, at the National Organization of Competency Assurance (NOCA) Conference in Tucson, Arizona, on November 21, 2002.

zapCertify, uses new technologies to redefine the way CRMs function for a competency assurance agency. It represents a new kind of business solution designed to meet the diverse needs of disparate businesses, in a cost effective and time critical manner. It allows you to centrally maintain all your data, for all your stakeholders, including their candidates, credential holders, members, providers, sponsors, educational institutions, regulatory agencies, affiliates, and prospects.

The zapCertify unified online service architecture helps shift the burden of information maintenance to your clients. Using the secure login interface, your clients can access and update their own information right on the web.

With zapCertify, your candidates can apply online, pay their application fee, and register for exams. Credential holders can update their profile, receive newsletters, search providers, view event calendars, and report continuing education. Continuing education providers can register themselves and submit their courses for approval. State boards and employers can verify credentials. zapCertify makes all this work seamlessly while ensuring that you have complete control of your system.