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zapProperty - Property Listing Management System

Take control of your listings

zapProperty is a powerful property listings management system that is affordable and easy to use. It allows you to maintain and publish your own real estate listings on the Web. With zapProperty you are in charge!

Location, Location, Location

Your next business location needs to be on the Web. Industry analysts report that over 50% of all property buyers use the Internet as an initial search tool and this figure will increase rapidly over the next few years. With zapProperty, you can add / edit / update / delete your listings on the Web instantly.

Is zapProperty for you? If you can associate with any of the following, then zapProperty can prove to be a perfect solution for you…

  • You don’t have a website — We can provide a starter Web site with integrated zapProperty system
  • You have a website but are not currently putting your listings on line
  • Your Web designer charges you an arm and a leg to update your listings
  • Your Web listing system:
    • Does not have all your listings
    • Is not very up-to-date
    • Is not always up or is slow-loading
    • Is full of unwarranted advertising
    • Has a long, hard to remember address
    • Is hard to use
    • Is not customizable and includes unnecessary fields
    • Does not appear integrated with your Web site’s design

It is as easy as Point, Type, Click and List

Anyone who has used the Internet and can fill an online form can manage his or her real estate listings with zapProperty. It is a user-friendly system that is very intuitive and simple to use. There is no software to download or install and you don’t have be an expert in Web design or programming.

Make your Website your Top Producer with zapProperty

  • Feature-packed listings management and publishing solution for the Web
  • Highly Customizable
    • Online forms can be customized to only include the fields that YOU want to track for each listing
    • Property detail pages can be customized to only show the appropriate fields
    • Search screens can be customized to allow visitors to search the listings the way you want them to
    • The reports can be customized to include your logo and company information
  • Include pictures with each listing
  • Pop-up detail from thumbnail
  • Capability to add virtual tours with each listing
  • Integrates with existing Web sites
  • Professional eye-catching design
  • Allows you to designate any property as a “Featured Listing” on your Website
  • System available 24x7 and is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection
  • Listing maintenance performed through a secure, password-protected area
  • Scalable and affordable – Fixed cost for unlimited listings
  • Simple and painless to use and highly affordable

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